Protopia is the continuous striving for a better world. We would like to invite you on this journey. After all, the path to a future-fit society is riddled with challenges. 
    Let's tackle them!

    Our current mission is dedicated to creating a future-fit economy, an economic system that respects planetary boundaries and ensures the well-being of us all. 
    Sounds good, doesn't it? The question is: how do we get there? 

    By giving growth and returns a new meaning. By replacing short-term profit-seeking with responsible management. By resolving the supposed contradiction between impact and profitability – in short, by changing the system. 

    During our five-week "From 0 to 100" kickstart, which runs from 21 May to 21 June 2024, we offer participants the perfect platform to drive forward their sustainable ideas with online sessions, expert input, individual coaching and exchange with like-minded people.

    "From 0 to 100" Kickstart

    Current note: The registration period for this Kickstart programme has unfortunately expired. We will continue to offer programmes in the future. You will find information on upcoming opportunities here on our website in due course.

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