This platform is for you – the brave change makers who want a better world.

You – the go-getters leading the way, who are changing the here and now to make tomorrow worth living. Our aim here is to create a space for your ideas – a place where you can network and exchange views. From 0 to 100 provides the impetus for this, offering know-how and targeted support – enabling you to (further) develop your ideas and face up to the major challenges of our time by devising concrete, courageous solutions.

Only by working together will we take bold ideas from 0 to 100. Are you with us?

Focus on water

Those looking to change the world need a concrete starting point. With From 0 to 100, we focus on current challenges. For three months, our agenda hones in on one particularly pressing social issue. For this, we need you – fellow campaigners and like-minded people – so that we can work together to find and advance solutions. We’ll provide you with the inspiration, background information, specific help and networking opportunities you need.

Our common focus from March to June will be the issue of water. 


Do you have an idea? An idea designed to benefit our society as a whole? Our manual, the digital version of our handbook for pioneers, helps you get this idea off the ground, giving you practical advice on doing the right thing. It contains tips and tricks as well as the knowledge and vast experience that the Migros Pioneer Fund and the pioneers it supports have gained during the course of 100 pioneering projects. Take a look around and get going!


The time has come. Your project is in the starting blocks and you’re ready to change the world. It’s easier said than done. Because there are many stumbling blocks on the way there, where you’ll ask yourselves how you’re supposed to achieve “all this”. Be it target group validation, organisational structure or finances – our toolbox provides you with proven tools, helpful templates and effective methods for mastering the different phases of a pioneering project. Embark on a voyage of discovery!

The Migros Pioneer Fund

From 0 to 100, the (digital) hub for change makers who want a better future, is a Migros Pioneer Fund initiative. As part of the social commitment of the Migros Group, we support go-getting pioneers whose trailblazing solutions make a difference. Rather than accepting applications, we actively look for projects that will deliver long-term social benefit. This is because we only provide non-material, technical and financial support for pioneering projects once we’re sure they will leave a legacy – by having a lasting impact and making our world a better place. 

More about Migros Pioneer Fund